Just Another Day at College, Attacked Subway

How I Met Your Mother was lame funny last night, but I still liked it. Yep, that means I’ll be watching further episodes tonight. Yesterday, I only saw the first episode and then went to Twitter to kill some time.

I just got back from college and I’m soooo tired now :\ It wasn’t a boring day because I had fun and did nothing all day, cool eh? =)


I made this during my Chemistry class – And yes, I hate Chemistry from the bottom of my heart! Making me love Chemistry is like separating me from food :O *gasps* Reminding me of food, I went to Subway today after college. I was so hungry that I decided to take it down in the morning.


I just had a cup of coffee and left for college. Didn’t even get a sandwich in the canteen at that time 🙁 Only me (and the poor me :P) knows how I survived the day with my tummy screaming for something solid to fell into it =P

Too tired to be up right now. Will probably sleep or… Sleep, huh! =\ I’m off now. Might do another post at night.

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  1. bahah lol the drawing is opposite of what u look like 😎 😛
    I shall have subway too today (H) 😛
    I like HIMYM 😀
    Ok lol I already told you all tht =/ 😛 *shows teeth*

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