Bundu Khan Taken Down, No Subway Today

Howdy folks! *yaaaawnn* It’s evening and I’m still half sleepy *sigh*. No sketch for today =P I had a far bettter thing to do in class today. Yep, we ditched Subway and went for desi food at Bundu Khan!

All day long we discussed where to go, from different Subway outlets, to KFC to Pizza Hut to back to Subway and then finally to Bundu Khan. Period! Off we go as soon as the college got over and had an awesome time there!


Please don’t ask what I ate there because that would be totally lame to explain 😛 We didn’t do anything extraordinary there, so nothing to write about, except the fact that I had desi food outside after ages :\ I’m so sorry my dear junk food for ditching you for a day :$

After food, my friends wanted to have sheesha (I don’t like it *yukhh*) but they had to later drop the plan as they al started getting calls from their home… You know the rest 😛 I got back, again slept like an elephant and woke up around 8pm. Then got ready as we had to go out for dinner with cousins – And guess where we went?! BUNDU KHAN! 😐 *sigh* I had to go and eat that again! But oh well, who can stop me from eating?! =P I enjoyed every bit of it 😀

Now I’m back home, partially watching the match and tweeting. I never get tired of yelling BOOM BOOMAFRIDI on Twitter =P

Oh yess, remember I told you I’m going to introduce you all to my new foodie friend… Here she is *curtains open* Sheena Malik *taa daaaaaa* She also eats a lot! Lol really, she does! She loves junk food and can drink gallons of Pepsi at a time hahaha! 😀 *curtains fall*

More on her foodie details later 😀 Time for me to sign out of this blog.

Good night everyone! =)

  1. @haris you forgot to mention, we ditched @usama! LOL – you can come with us, next time pal!

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