Hell Boring Sunday =\

Another day ends… And what a… BORING day it was! I mean, seriously! Sundays have always been boring for me, but today was something special. It turned out to be super boring, with nothing whatsoever to do! Day started off late with lots of clouds outside and a dust-storm. Till lunch I only listened to […]

Another Sketch! :D

Hello again! 😀 See, I kept my word.. I’m updating this blog ‘regularly’ now 😀 So what did I do today? Umm… Let’s see… I started the day with some yummylicious nuggets (in breakfast) and dumped my usual coffee for just one day. Then off I went to college and guess what, my stare-retard friend […]

The Return of Haris – 2

Okay, okay… I know!!! In the last post I said I’ll be updating it regularly, but I didn’t! *sigh* Lemme explain… I corrupted my WordPress installation and I was too lazy to fix it. So I finally managed to do a complete fresh install and my blog is back up and running! 🙂 And  I […]