Boring day at college, yet enjoyed

Aah, what a tiring day at college. Even though I did nothing today, I’m he’ll tired and feel like sleeping. Right now, I’m in my van and it’s still 20 minutes before I reach home. A couple of friends didn’t come to college, which was making my day very boring. But a few punishments and […]

Gadgets and Studies Update

Guess what? This is my very first from my new iPod Touch. Yep, I’m typing from it. One thing I must say that the keyboard is much better than that of Nokia N96. I still remember the last time I wrote a post from and how my fingers hurt after typing so much LOL. So […]

Shopping Day at Hafeez Center

It wasn’t a big shopping day, just a couple of stuff. But went there after a long time. The last time I went to Hafeez Center was about 3-4 months ago. Okay, so let’s begin… I had a few things in line to buy, but was just too lazy to pay a round to Hafeez […]