The Return of Haris

The last time this blog was updated was when I was in the middle of my Intermediate (Part 1) exams, and I had 5 more exams to go; that was on May 11th. Now, after three months, I’ve finally got over my laziness and decided to update this blog – and guess what? This time, […]

Exams: 1 Down, 5 More To Go

Yes, you read it right! They have finally started! I have been dying to get out of this misery of exams, and yes, they have finally arrived.  The first one was Chemistry *ouch*, which went awesome! Thanks to our education system *may God bless them* 😛 Tomorrow is English, which is a piece of cake. […]

Living The Old Memories

Boy, I was never this forgetful, but seriously! I have even started forgetting how I was in the past – like 10-12 years ago. Not the looks, but things I used to do, my interests, hobbies… And even friends, huh! So here it goes, I got a message from someone on Facebook asking if I […]

Exams Over. Where Do I Stand Now?

Yes, you read it right! My pre-boards are finally over! All exams went good, except the last one which was Maths as I was very ill. I was already in no mood to impress my greek uncles, and looks like they have now cast a curse on me for an upset tummy. I have 50-50 […]

Where am I? Here, here!

It’s been a while since I last wrote on this blog? Why? The same reason again, studies! Okay, I’ll be honest. I’m not studying like I should, but I’m trying my best to do! There have been lots of updates in the last few days. I again upgraded my PC with a few things like […]