Bought New Spectacles

Yesterday, I bought my new spectacles. Yay! After wearing my backup glasses for more than a weak, I finally bought a new pair.

My friends and regular Twitter users who follow me know what happened to my old glasses. Well, it goes on like this… A few days ago, I got back from college all tired and exhausted. After lunch, I went straght to bed with my mobile in my hands (browsing, tweeting etc).

While my mom woke me up in the evening, I turned left and felt something hard against my cheek. I lazily opened up my eyes and saw a small piece of my glass lying there. I jumped out of bed and looked for the other pieces.

My spectacles were broken into three pieces. You can see it below in the pic.


It wasn’t really an old frame, and I really liked it. But I guess, that was its end, so I bought a new one. 😀 Again rimless, but a much betetr one from before.

I don’t think this will break so easily like happened with the previous one. My new spectacles pic:


Which one do you think is better? The new one or the old one? Let me know below! 😉

  1. I like your old ones, not that I don’t like your new ones (maybe I don’t, but that’s a very rude thing to say, so, I can’t say that, now can I? ), but I think your old ones looked better 🙂

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