Good Bye 2010 and Happy Near Year!


So the year is about to end. God, that was fast! It seems like just yesterday I was out celebrating the start of the year 2010. No, I’m in no mood to do a post on my memories of the year 2010. Anyways, an advanced happy new year to everyone reading thing.

For the last two weeks, I’ve been working on a new frontpage for this blog. But it seems it is never going to get completed. Every time I start working on it, something or the other pops up – even though my Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook and Twitter etc. are all closed. It’s nothing big, just similar to my About.Me page I recently got invited to try out.

Load-shedding is back and it’s late right now and I’m waiting for the power to get back so that I can start working again.

I had the Samsung Galaxy Tab for the last one week with me. I never got a chance to compare it thoroughly with the iPad, but I did that well with my Galaxy S. Tab is almost like an over-sized Galaxy S phone – but i must say, it has the perfect size for portability (no, you can’t fit that thing in your pockets. Hehe!).

Just remembered a while ago that I have a programming fundamentals quiz tomorrow, and as usual, I haven’t prepared for it. Oh well, best of luck to me!

Tomorrow, I have to discuss with Usama about our New Year party plan. New Year’s Eve is just a few days away and there is already so much to do. And oh, not to forget, there is one more thing on the New year’s Eve! 😉 Too bad I can’t tell about it – Hehe!

I have a couple of ideas floating in my mind for the last 2-3 days. Once i get over with my laziness, I’d actually start working on them and see if they are of any use to me or anyone.

That’s it for now. Sleep tight everyone! Good night!

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Dell Trip, UCP Welcome, Music Shirts