Celebrate International Coffee Day with #GoodMorningWorld Selfie Video

Celebrate International Coffee Day with #GoodMorningWorld Selfie Video

Do you love coffee as much as I do? If that’s the case, I have something to share from Nescafe. To celebrate the International Coffee Day 2016 (1st October), Nescafe is doing a 24-hour live stream on Facebook, called Good Morning World,  that will feature user-contributed selfie-style video clips with them enjoying coffee.

The PR guys at Nescafe sent us a very detailed press release that I have shared below. It includes all the details on how and where to create/upload your #GoodMorningWorld selfie video.


LAHORE, September 27, 2016 – NESCAFÉ, the globally loved coffee brand, is creating a global 24-hour Facebook live stream by calling on people across the country to join a global project to celebrate International Coffee Day 2016 (1 October).

Called ‘Good Morning World’, the movement invites members of the public to upload a few seconds’ video of themselves enjoying their morning coffee, selfie-style, in the run up the date. These will create an international ‘mug chain’ broadcast throughout International Coffee Day, with contributors rubbing shoulders with some 17,000 other people from around the world, including the young rock stars from the brand’s publicly acclaimed show NESCAFÉ Basement such as Sanya Shahzad, Abdullah Qureshi and Mehak Ali. Moreover some more of Pakistani social media crème de la crème are also joining the movement such as Kadir Khan who posts as effneck on instagram, one of the fewest featured Instagrammers from Pakistan, the twitter verified Norbert Almeida, twitter localization moderators for urdu Ahsan Saeed and Arsalan M Khan, the social media power twins Noor Unnahar and Areeba Siddique, food blogger Amber Zulfiqar, the famous “Moochar” Sabir Shah, Pir Faraz Ali and various others.

And for every #GoodMorningWorld video submitted, NESCAFÉ will provide a coffee plantlet to a farmer around the globe, ensuring high-quality coffee continues to be grown and loved.

Nadia Omer, Business Manager Coffee and Cereal Partners Worldwide, Nestlé Pakistan, said, “More and more Pakistanis are reaching for a cup of coffee in the morning and we want them to share how NESCAFÉ makes their mornings better. ‘Good Morning World’ is a campaign that is uniting coffee lovers across the world and we hope that Pakistani coffee drinkers will help us celebrate the unique way in which we enjoy our coffee.”

Michael Chrisment, Head of Global Integrated Marketing at NESCAFÉ, said: “Wherever you go in the world, you’ll find people starting the day with a great cup of coffee. ‘Good Morning World’ unites everyone around the globe in celebrating the simple act of drinking a cup of coffee but in a way that recognises what makes each of us unique. It’s a truly global initiative and one that we hope will show that we’re all more alike than we are different, if only we could find ways to connect with each other.”

How to record your #GoodMorningWorld video:

To join the GoodMorningWorld mug chain, there are four simple steps:

  1. Grab – Film yourself picking up your mug from out of shot on your right
  2. Celebrate – Smile, sip and be creative with your coffee mug
  3. Pass – Pass your mug to your left
  4. Post – Simply upload your video on twitter, Instagram or NESCAFÉ Facebook fanpage, using the hashtags #goodmorningworld and #Pakistan and share with your friends

How to spot yourself and friends in the mug chain

  • Go to nescafe.com
  • Search for your username or handle in the ‘Find me’ function
  • NESCAFÉ will also send you an exact time-stamp of your star moment in the 24 hour broadcast for you to check out and share

To be part of this global first, coffee-lovers simply need to upload morning coffee clips before 1 October and star in 24 hours of unadulterated coffee appreciation. You can catch all the exciting content and further details on www.facebook.com/Nescafe.PK

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