Cinnabon Pakistan Loves Me!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, here is a little story of me and Cinnabon Pakistan’s Foursquare discount. Before I start, let me just remind everyone of the Foursquare Day 2011 meetup being held in Lahore for the first time. Join the Foursquare Community in Lahore Facebook page if you are one of the […]

A Very Hectic Day

I take photos in the washroom – yikes! Here I am once again, at 4am writing this blog post… As the post title says, yes, I had a very hectic day today (or infact, yesterday), like I mentioned in my previous post. So starting from morning, I woke up at 8:30am and skipping the unnecessary […]

Cold Coffee and My Mornings

Bleh… I haven’t written anything on this blog since 2 days.. Nothing special really happened… Just the usual daily routine of college, food, back home and sleep. Hanging out at Hot Spot after college isn’t a bad idea. On Tuesday, when Sheharyar and me were heading back home, an idea just hit me (yes, food […]

Hell Boring Sunday =\

Another day ends… And what a… BORING day it was! I mean, seriously! Sundays have always been boring for me, but today was something special. It turned out to be super boring, with nothing whatsoever to do! Day started off late with lots of clouds outside and a dust-storm. Till lunch I only listened to […]