I Have Been Comic-ized

Now this is something that made me laugh my heart out! I never imagined myself in a state with only my food, netbook and iPod around. But Touseef Ikram of PakSatire has visualized and comic-ized me in an AWESOME cartoon! Do I really eat that much? I mean, seriously? Has food starting to pray for […]

Living The Old Memories

Boy, I was never this forgetful, but seriously! I have even started forgetting how I was in the past – like 10-12 years ago. Not the looks, but things I used to do, my interests, hobbies… And even friends, huh! So here it goes, I got a message from someone on Facebook asking if I […]

Knock, knock world!

My own personal blog – so cool! I’m very excited about it as I’ve never written much about my personal life online. Okay, okay, first, I’d like to do a small introduction for people who don’t know me. I’m Haris Nadeem, an Intermediate student (1st year, pre-engineering), blogger and a passionate computer-geek, who has nothing […]