Hey, I’m Still Alive

Just a quick blog post, right after a month since  I last wrote here. For all those who think this blog is dead, and I have left it after two posts, you are wrong! I’m still, fit and alive! I just got busy with studies, work and other misc. stuff and didn’t got much time to write here.

My routine is quite different now from before. It’s like, college, lunch sleep, study, study (again), evening snacks, study, dinner, blogging (on Sizzled Core) and then finally to bed.

The past week has also been pretty busy with all the playing with Windows 7 and writing about its new features, tricks ec. As a matter of fact, I now have 3 Operating Systems installed on my computer, i.e Windows XP, Vista and 7. And with this, allow me to announce my next project/blog, Windows7Mods.com!

Here I’ll be sharing all the Windows 7 hints, tips, tricks and other free customizations like themes, wallpapers, gadgets etc. For now, I’m only trying to fill it with more content, before I actually start advertising it. I plan to disable comments there because there won’t be much to discuss in that type of site. An one more thing, I won’t call Windows7Mods a blog. It will be a portal of Windows 7 stuff.

Studies are killing me these days, as I’m NOT studying anything these days. I have my finals in March, and I haven’t prepared even a single chapter of ANY subject! I plan to quite blogging, and get disconnected from (almost) all online communities and networks I have joined. Ofcourse, NOT Twitter! I’ll still be checking Facebook occasionally and update Twitter just as I do now.

And hey! Did anyone notice the About Me page I created? Let me know if it needs anything else. Now I’ll use the same page on SizzledCore, ofcourse, with a few tweaks.

Signing off now.

  1. Wooho Nice Haris, that’s really good idea to have separate blog for all windows 7 stuff. Even i have felt to go for separate “windows 7” blog after writing so much on windows 7 but then its like putting more seo effort to get that blog rank well on SE, so will continue to post on blogsdna to pawn other win7 blogs “:EVIL:”

  2. Whoa! You are quitting blogging? That’s a drastic decision, but yeah studies are more important. So concentrate on your educational life. 🙂

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