I Have 13 Web Browsers Installed LOL!

Since past few days, I’ve been shouting a lot on Twitter about me having 13 web browsers installed in my PC. Many friends asked me to name them all, but telling again and again the same thing to each person is quite boring, so I thought to list them all in a blog post.

They were basically installed to try and review them later on Sizzled Core (which I never got time to do). And if you think I’m mad enough to use all those 13 browsers, then sorry to disappoint you. I don’t!

Of all these 13 browsers, Firefox is my primary one (I can’t live without my addons – will list them all some time later), then comes Chrome which I only use for Google sites i.e Gmail (because it works much faster in that) and Twitter (web, even though I have 4 clients installed). I use IE, Safari and Opera when developing sites to see how compatible they are with other browsers.

List of browsers installed in my PC:

  1. Mozilla Firefox
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Opera 9
  4. Google Chrome
  5. Apple Safari
  6. Flock
  7. Opera 10
  8. AT&T Pogo
  9. Orca Browser
  10. Amaya
  11. TheWorld
  12. Lunascape 5
  13. QtWeb

That’s all! πŸ™‚ I’ll remove the unwanted ones soon (on cleanup day, which comes once in a year πŸ˜› ).

Have to run for dinner now (and no, I’m not taking photos of it!).

  1. … i had used all above plus more, … but nevr had them all at same time., … you missed … Maxthon (trident based), … also KDE based Konqueror, …
    …. also … you can’t say Amaya a web browser, sure it can browse but its more like an authoring tool, … anywayz, … one more thing kid, …. you just can’t beat me, … lolz, … … happy browsing!!!

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