iPod Touch, My Step in the Apple World

Finally, I get my first Apple product! I’m so happy about it. Just a few days ago, I was whining that I feel like the only one not owning an Apple product, and that’s when I decided to get an iPod Touch!

I wonder why God made brain with two parts. Because, one side was itching me to ditch the iPod, and get an iPhone, once and for all! But the other side was taunting me that what will I do with my Nokia N96 then?!

After lots of thinking, I came to the conclusion that I’ll go for the iPod Touch because third-gen iPhone rumours have already started and Nokia N97 is also going to release in a couple of months (I’ll get this as soon as it comes out!). So why iPhone 3G?

Without wasting anymore time, I’ll jump directly on the unpackaging photos of my latest gadget. And oh yeah, don’t mind those oily finger marks on the screen!

  1. @Shahzad – Lol! I downloaded/installed them before opening the iPod box 😛

    @Chetan – It is for 19k (PKR) here, around USD $240.

  2. Lol iPods are the only Apple product I’ve got too (excluding software). And that was a good choice, not going for the iPhone 😛

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