Gadgets and Studies Update

Guess what? This is my very first from my new iPod Touch. Yep, I’m typing from it. One thing I must say that the keyboard is much better than that of Nokia N96.

I still remember the last time I wrote a post from and how my fingers hurt after typing so much LOL. So far my experience with the Touch is awesome. I’m enjoying every bit of it.

I have a few more gadgets in line, like the Nokia N97, iPhone third-gen (if it ever came out) and may be also a G2. Other than cell phones I plan to get PlayStation 3 in a few days. If you are wondering, than yes, I’m on a gadget spree these days hehe.

Currently, my top most priority is to study hard and score something cool on my college finals. Because that will help me prepare for the finals i.e. board exams.

Don’t you think I brag a lot? I’ll try to do it less next time. Time for me to get back to study. Will catch you later guys. 🙂