Trying to Balance Computer and Studies

It has been four days since I last wrote here. Reason? Studies. I’m
trying to become a nerd for 3 months, but unfortunately I don’t see
myself getting successful in that attempt.

What’s distracting me? Computer, ofcourse. I have my college exams
coming ahead, in the first week of March nut I don’t seem to care
about them and haven’t studied anything. I I’ve a huge syllabus on my
head, yet I don’t listen 🙁

I waste all my time on the computer. What do I do there? Surf the web
like an idiot. I used to Facebook a lot, but lately, that has become
very less and I’m very about it.

The latest craze I have these days is to revise the entire database of
Sizzled Core. And no, it is not a day’s work that I’ll get over with
it. This job is going to take around 2 months for me to complete.
Crazy, eh?

Moving on from studies, I’m
writing this post from by iPod Touch and will publish it on the blog
using Post via email feature in WordPress. This is the first time I’ll
use this feature and have found it very useful. Now I can blog
whenever I want and from where ever I want.

The only thing I would miss is the ability to aytah images in my
posts. But that can always be done later when I get back on my PC.

Signing off for now, and I do how that I get straight and start
studying right from tomorrow morning.

  1. I had the same prob for the past 4 yrs. I would play games, browse the web, get interested in anything but studies.

    You blogged from ur I phone huh? does this mean we will have to listen to you blabber more often. crap 😛

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