Exams Over. Where Do I Stand Now?

Yes, you read it right! My pre-boards are finally over! All exams went good, except the last one which was Maths as I was very ill. I was already in no mood to impress my greek uncles, and looks like they have now cast a curse on me for an upset tummy.

I have 50-50 chance of passing or getting flunked in this one. But it’s always better to think positive and hope for the best!

I was supposed to be perfectly fine today, but inspite my illness and upset tummy, I went out with friends to have a breakfast of “halwa puri” and then spent the rest of the day in the bathroom πŸ˜‰


After these exams, I can clearly see how much more preparation I need. So much to leran, and nothing to revise. Why nothing to revise? Because I never studied anything before! I’m sure I can complete all the study work in the next 2 weeks and the nrevise the whole syllabus in the remaining days. Expected date for my board exams is May 9th.

While I write this post, I’m trying to restore all the music in my iPod. After upgrading to the latest firmware 2.2.1, I decided to jailbreak it and in doing so, I mixed two copies of firmwares I had and the end result was I lost all my data. Apps and photos were there in the backup, but as I had music and videos manually, they were not included the backup πŸ™ And guess what, iPod Touch 2G cannot be jailbroken yet! I should have read the instructions carefully or this wouldn’t have happened.

It’s 30 minutes past 4 in the morning, and I think I should run to bed now or I won’t be able to get up early.

Have a nice day all!

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