Bought an Acer Netbook

Howdy people! 🙂 I know it has been a long time since I wrote. But *sigh* it’s again the same reason. EXAMS. They are finally just 2 weeks away now and I’m still acting up as if I’m on vacation.

And another thing, I don’t just use this blog to write about whatever purchases I make. Once I get over with my exams, I’ll definitely update it regularly 🙂

Yes, I have made another purchase after the PlayStation 3. This time it’s a netbook. What’s a netbook? (actually many people asked me this question or mixed it with a notebook) A netbook is a stripped down version of a notebook with less features and for simple use only. It’s also called a mini-laptop or sub-notebook.

I have bought an Acer Aspire One AOA110. It’s basically for students who need laptops at universities/work. But nope, this isn’t for my college! I will be traveling for three months (vacations baby! yahoo!) after exams, so I’ll have this as my travel mate. It has all the features I need on the go. An Atom 1.6GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB SSD, WLAN, LAN, 3 USB ports, webcam, mic etc.


The only thing you might find awkward about it is that it doesnt have a CD-ROM, which I really don’t care about. I have already jammed two DVD combos which I have on my PC for not using them. I seriously don’t need a CD-ROM. And not having a proper hard disk was also one of the objections I had, 16GB SSD is nothing when compared to my wild usage. I remember filling up 16GB of Nokia N96 in just two days! And my (almost) 1TB storage in my desktop is also 90% full.

Solid State Discs are known for having slow writes times, but have fast reading times. Because of this, Windows XP lagged a lot. But thanks to the developer of FlashPoint, my netbook is now on super-charged speed as if it’s being given RedBull to drink every minute! I don’t get even a single lag now. Using Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Windows Media Player and Google Chrome/Opera altogether was like a dream on this netbook. But now, it’s all possible without even a single glitch!

I’ve installed all the necessary apps I neeed for daily use and it is now my ultimate travel mate. I can easily connect to the internet with my Nokia N96 and GPRS. Now I just can’t wait for my exams to get over and go on holidays with my netbook.

I have plans to visit Karachi in June, then fly off to Dubai in July and Singapore in August. But first, I have exams from 9th May that I have to worry about!

Wish me luck! 🙂

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  3. A full 1TB hard drive? That is wicked. You are either an

    A. Heavy torrent user
    B. Owner of a high-megapixel-count digital camera (or an HD vidcam)

  4. Yaar aap nein mini laptop kitnein ka liya hai? I found your website very attractive. I mean very good theme. Have u downloaded this theme for free. Are you using wordpress for your site or any other technology? Waiting for your response. Thanks……

  5. Acer aspire one is ideal if you are planning to travel. you know its the award winning netbook for the best design in 2008. but you didnt mentioned the pice? i

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