The Return of Haris

The last time this blog was updated was when I was in the middle of my Intermediate (Part 1) exams, and I had 5 more exams to go; that was on May 11th.

Now, after three months, I’ve finally got over my laziness and decided to update this blog – and guess what? This time, I plan to post all the interesting stuff I find online and my rants, of course!

I was planning to start a new blog (yes, another freaking one!), but that wouldn’t help as I can hardly manage one with my good-for-nothing routine these days.

So… What did I do in the last three months? Hmm… Went for 3 day-trips to Islamabad, Sahiwal and Sailkot. Cousins came over to our place from Karachi and soon after that, I went to Karachi myself and spent the last whole month there. And guess what? This Karachi trip was the BEST EVER, thanks to all the friends there! =) And not to mention the tweetups we had in Karachi and Lahore! They went great and were extremely fun!

All my friends who *follow me on Twitter* know what I’ve been up to these days as I keep posting minor updates there.

I’m looking forward to more regular readers on this blog now. *Subscribe to my RSS* feed to get the latest content I post there.

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