Another Sketch! :D

Hello again! 😀 See, I kept my word.. I’m updating this blog ‘regularly’ now 😀 So what did I do today? Umm… Let’s see… I started the day with some yummylicious nuggets (in breakfast) and dumped my usual coffee for just one day.

Then off I went to college and guess what, my stare-retard friend wasn’t starting at me today. If you’re wondering who’s the stare-retard, you should have followed my tweets on my Twitter =\

College was pretty boring – except that I tweeted all day from class. And guess what, today I expressed how much I like my HAWT and BEAUTIFOOL Chemistry teacher – on a piece of paper.. Hehe, yeah, I drew her 😀


Isn’t she gorgeous? *gasps* Now I just hope she doesn’t find this out or I’m dead meat =\ After college,  I went to Makro with mom for shopping. That’s the last thing I ever want to do because I’ve no interest in grocery shopping whatsoever :O

After getting back, I slept like an elephant and woke up before dinner time =) And here I am on my PC, writing this post, with nothing else to write about in my head.

And oh yeah, I’ll be again attacking Subway tomorrow with classmates 😀 I’m definitely going to bring that place down tomorrow! Hehehe. Tomorrow I’ll introduce you to my new friend… Another foodie! *teaser* LOL!

5 replies to “Another Sketch! :D”

  1. Epic. I do hope your teacher sees this and when you’re in chemistry class she goes something like “Haris Nadeem, Why are you making me famous on twitter for my beautyfoolness?” =D You’d be gutted.

  2. Your angrezi ki teacher didn’t tell you the right meanings of hawwwt,bueetiful and gorgeous else you wouldn’t have appreciated your drawing much 😛

  3. she’ll definitely kill you! and plz give me the honour of telling her. =P BTW who is stare-retard??

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