Cold Coffee and My Mornings

Bleh… I haven’t written anything on this blog since 2 days.. Nothing special really happened… Just the usual daily routine of college, food, back home and sleep.

Hanging out at Hot Spot after college isn’t a bad idea. On Tuesday, when Sheharyar and me were heading back home, an idea just hit me (yes, food ideas always come to me lol). We decided to have a super-chilled cold coffee from Yummy 36…


But unfortunately, it wasn’t opened so we went to the Hot Spot for cold coffee (and I had others plans in my head for myself :P)… I so wanted to have cake alaska, but Sherry didn’t let me *hmpf* and we had to come back without it lol.

My day starts with a breakfast. Sometimes just coffee, or with toast and egg. And sometimes I just have nuggets. After getting ready for college, I leave home around 6:30am and then starts my “Good Morning” spree on text messages 😛 I text to Sana (who is ALWAYS sleeping :P), Imran (who always gets late for uni), Anum (the only soul up at that time :D) and Abeeha (a college friend).

Since Anum is the only one up at that time of the day, I talk to her till I reach college (and sometimes even after reaching it :D). It’s 6:20am right now and I’ve to wake her up around 6:30am. I’ll sms spam her muahahaha! 😛

And oh, how’s this pic of mine? Cute, eh? 😀 This shows my habit of sticking out my tongue started when I wa sabout 2 years old 😛


Gotta leave for college now… I hope I have a good and non-boring day (which I highly doubt lol).

Have a great day everyone!