Back From The Grave With Lots Of Updates…


Hello world! I hope everyone is doing well. Yes, again I’m updating my blog after two months… Last post was just a test post I did from the WordPress app for Android.

To be honest, I completely forgot that I even had this blog. Well, a lot of stuff has happened in my life in the last one month – the good, the bad, everything. I’d love to mention the good stuff though.

Last month I went to Murree, my first trip ever to Murree in the last 10-12 years and oh, NOT to mention, I also saw live snowfall for the first time in my life! Yes, I had never seen real snow ever before, never had any chance to. I have seen the artificial one in Dubai though, but seriously (for those who haven’t seen snow), real snow is nothing like what you see in Dubai!!! It’s powder-ish 😛



The three-day college trip was fun. Ofcourse, the arrangements made by the college sucked like anything, and worst, we couldn’t stay at hotels/places we wanted to. We had to stay in the stinky hotels they booked for us =\ Hectic trip, yet extremely fun with friends! Photos can be seen in my Facebook albums 🙂

I bought the Nexus One! Had my eyes on it since it was launched on January 5, 2010 – But thanks to Badar, I got it in my hands last month. And infact, I unboxed three different Nexus One phones! 😛 I’m loving the phone like anything. Photo gallery here, thanks to Waqas for taking the photos!

Now I’m looking forward to get an iPad and probably the HTC Legend also. And not to mention, a new 30-inch monitor and a new graphic card! Yes, *sigh* need to buy lots of stuff. Let’s see how many of these things I actually buy before my finals – yes, they are in May!

I had so much on my mind to write about, but now… Nothing, huh! BTW, I’ve started controlling my eating habits now. Cutting back on soft drinks and junk food – atleast, trying my very best to do so. You can follow #HarisEatsLess and #HarisControlsEating on Twitter for updates.. Hehe!

In the last two months, I finished three games =) Avatar The Game (PS3), BioShock 2 (PC) and recently got over with Heavy Rain (PS3).

And now moving on the bad part of my last one month… I won’t mention everything because it is nothing that should be told 🙁 But yes, one thing that I’m really sad about is my NOKIA N96!

Three days back, I was out at Gloria Jeans with a friend. I went there straight after college… When I last checked my phone there, it was perfectly fine. I put the SIM in my HTC Hero and kept N96 in the bag. When I got back home and checked…. This is what the screen looked like :'(


I’ll take the poor thing to the Nokia Care Center tomorrow =\ It’s out of warranty and I’m sure they’ll charge me a lot to fix its screen.

College is finally over (or is it?)! They haven’t announced anything about when it will end, but I have stopped going as the syllabus is completed, and I seriously don’t like sitting idle in class with no friends.

Okay, I’m tired now! It’s 3:30AM and I have to wake up at 8:30AM to go to college and collect my farewell pass. Wish me luck that I start updating this blog regularly! 😛

And in the last, I would request EVERYONE to MARK your calendars, set REMINDERS for 23rd March to check out an article about me in the DAWN Newspaper! 😀


  1. *wonders: he was buried in quite high-tech a grave =O =D * eham get my N96 repaired and give it back to me asap =P and this article in DAWN, is it something about how #HarisEatsLess and #HarisControlsEating? =D =P

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