College About To Get Over…!

So yes, my prison (college) days are about to get over with lots of good and a tiny meeny bad memories! =) We had our farewell function at PC Hotel and said good bye to all my friends.

And yet again, I met some of them at college today as I had to go and pick up my pass for the concert organized by my prison (college) hehe!

I’m actually happy of college getting over, but at the same time I’ll miss the last two months when bunking college was at the max, getting kicked out for low attendence and back in the very next day and then again bunked on that day and the day after that =P

Our bunking routine was pretty cool. College started at 7:30am, and we used to reach at 7, gather up our group, catch a rickshaw (if no car/bike that day) and off to the Model Town Park to spend an hour there. An hour, because Gloria Jean’s and Espresso opens at 8am =D After spending a few hours having breakfast at one of the coffee shops, next stop would be at Al Nakhal Cafe – my friends’ favourite Sheesha point while I gobbled down their burgers or shawarmas hehe! Our return to college/home used to be around 1-2am.

Farewell also went pretty well. Honestly, I never bothered to listen even a single word of what the college administration and teachers had to say that day. I was busy enjoying with friends and *ahem* the food which was offered at the end! 😀

I’ve Intermediate (F.Sc.) Part-II Board exams in a week. Preparation is on with tons of stuff that I miss! And no, nothing college related! I will be seeing the face of my college for the very last time on Monday when I’ll go to collect my board roll no. slip.

Signing off for now as I’ve a bit of studying to catch up with! 😉

And just for the record, this post was completely written and published using WordPress for Android app on the Nexus One.

  1. Its nice that ur out of the jail now after reading ur post I feel that students are same everywhere…. everywhere means everywhere.

  2. ahan, so THAT was why u used to wake up SO early and run to college subah subah =P all for food =D i am amazed at the punctuality though =P 30 mins before the coffee places even open =P
    good luck for the exams =) u’ll do well inshaALLAH

    PS: that was a cute post =D reminded me of my college days *except the bunks =P of course =D*

  3. All the best for your finals, Haris! 😀 And the post looks great, by the way, considering you used that Nexus-whatever 😛 About which I have NO idea 😛

    This is my favourite blog layout, by the way! I kept it for months 😀

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