Recap: May – August 2010

Hello folks! Yeah, so I finally deiced to update this ancient blog of mine which I decided to update DAILY four months ago! I wasn’t really dead in the last four months, was actually too busy with a lot of things.

I’m going to do a recap of the last four months of my life and what I did in them.


haris-awards-1Photo taken in May 2010

I had my pre-engineering board exams. Then went to Karachi for a week for the first Pakistan Blog Awards and yes, I won an award for the Best Tech Blog covering International news.


After getting back from Karachi, I prepared for my practical exams. Right on the day of my last exam, I flew off to Karachi again for a day, and then off to Dubai for a month of awesome-ness and party-ing!


After getting back from Dubai, again went to Karachi, but a sudden turn of events made me miss my friend Imran’s engagement and come back to Lahore. Since then I’ve been wasting time, outing in Lahore and catching up with friends.


And here I am – Waiting for my uni admission test result and half excited for an awesome Singapore-Malaysia-Bangkok trip coming up with friends in mid-Spetember. I sure don’t want to miss that at any cost! And oh, Ramadan is here and the routine has made me lazier than ever this time!

I’m not even going out much for Iftaris this year. I hope it gets better after Eid. And not to forget the gadgets-spree I’m going to go for soon! 😀

That’s it for now – and once again I hope to write another post by tomorrow.

Have fun!

  1. The award looks yummy! 😀 Congratulations, Haris! 🙂

    And wow! You’ve got lots of fabulous stuff on your planner. Do write about your trip! 😀

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