First Post of 2011


Okay, so I’ll be honest here. I’ve been too busy for the last few months. And it seems that I’ve even forgotten how to write. But oh well, here I am with my very first post of this year – 2011.

I’m sitting in my uni lab, because my netbook is out of battery. Tons to do and tons to work on, but it seems I’ll have to wait till the evening to get back home and start working from my desktop.

Nothing much to share, other than the same old rant that I have once again screwed up my studies this semester and will probably be repeating it.



And oh, looks like I’m finally getting over with my shyness and stage fright problem. Yes, I can now talk in front of an audience. I was oen of the speakers at LUMS International Marketing Colloqium 2011, and recently shared by story at COMSATS Institute (Lahore). I wasn’t as scared as I used to be and loved talking to everyone.

P.S. If you notice, I wear yellow when I have to speak somewhere. Coincidence. May be, my lucky colour?

I’m currently working along with Farhan Masood on something exciting, something related to what I and you all love – Food! Not revealing anything now, but soon, very soon!

I have another interesting story to share about Cinnabon Pakistan and their Foursquare. I will do that in my next post.

No plans to take my OOP class now. Thinking of going back home.

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  1. LOL Congrats for getting over your shyness : ) just a tip, wear blue when you have to communicate or in meetup or such events as its the color of communication = D it might work even better.

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