McDonald’s Opening Tomorrow on M.M. Alam Road in Ali Tower

Just thought I’d make this as a post and put it up online. McDonald’s at M.M. Alam Road is going to open tomorrow, 22nd July 2011, in Ali Tower.

The construction and setting up was going on for months now, and while several other stores have already opened up at Ali Tower i.e Uth Oye! and others, it was about time McDonald’s also opened up.

I’m not sure from what time will they start serving, but I might definitely pay a visit tomorrow in the afternoon/evening to see if I can grab a Big Tasty burger from there. And since they are opening next to Hardee’s and Nando’s, I really hope they also start offering unlimited Coke refills like the other two with every meal.

So now, it’s all there on the M. M. Alam Rd. All my favourites: KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway, McDonald’s, Hardee’s, Nando’s, Domino’s Pizza, Gun Smoke – but they keep on killing the parking area!

How do I know? There is a big billboard telling about this opening when coming from DHA towards Cavalry Ground. Caught my eye today morning when passing that road.

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