Eatout At McDonalds with Usama Zafar

Recently, we had an inter-class quiz competition in my college. Students from around 8 sections participated in it. I won’t go into much of its details as I don’t like quizzes and found this one hell boring!

Short summary: Our class was disqualified in the 4th round (after three consecutive wrong answers), kudos to the participants! πŸ˜€ All I did there was listen to music, talk to friends and make fun of others.

After this 3-hour long quiz got over, I went to McDonalds with a friend because we both were hungry! There we ate a lot! Not both us really, but I was the one to eat the most. The photos (below) will speak for themselves now πŸ˜‰

Waiting for my burgers! =)

Usama Zafar, my friend.

Ooo yeah! Time to attack!

Oops, all gone now.

McFlurry M&M’s for the desert.

Left: I bought more to eat in the car and at home – Right: That’s what I had there.

I think I should get more regular with the posts here. I’ll try to update this blog daily from now on!

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