Cultural Mela 2009 – Punjab College

Let me tell this first, that if you find any spelling or grammatical errors, let me know below because I won’t be re-checking this article right now. I’m hell tired with headache on, but couldn’t sleep yet, so thought I would upload the photos of today’s event.

Okay, so Punjab College (mine) arranged this some sort-of  Cultural Mela for its Intermediate students (boys only). At first, I thought it was a waste to go, but since this was the first event from my college, I decided to pay it a visit and see what actually happens there.

It was suppose to start at 9 AM in the morning, and end at 5 PM. I reached there at 3:30 PM exact, with my friend, Usama Zafar, waiting for me at the entrance.

The location of this event was one hell of a [email protected]#$% place! I didn’t like that at all. Once we got in, the first stalls I spotted were of food, hehe. In fact, majority of the stalls were related to food stuff.

I spent an hour wandering around, trying out food from different stalls. This event also had a lucky draw with noob prizes to be given away. And no, I didn’t won anything. I was least interested in that.

Soon the event got over at 5 PM, and me and my friends headed off to Mini Golf. Had lemonade there, and just when we ordered dinner, one of my friends got a call from home so I (and everyone else too) had to come back (he was suppose to drop me back).

What I enjoyed the most, was the time spent with my friends. The overall event was, umm, I won’t rate it any higher than 2 out of 5 stars =P

As usual, I took loads of photos of the event which have been attached below as well as uploaded in my Facebook.

Enjoy the photo tour below! 🙂

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