First Meetup with Uzair, Awais and Farhan

Yesterday, for the very first time I met my year old online blogger buddies Uzair (@uzee), Farhan (@guppu) and Awais (@awaisnaseer). Me and Uzair had been trying to meet for the last 2 weeks, but due to unexpected events (sleep timings,
daily routine etc.) we couldn’t.

Uzair and Awais had come over from Islamabad to attend Startup Insiders Extravaganza at LUMS. As usual, thanks to my studies, I missed the event. But what changed my mood back to normal was Uzair’s SMS to meetup that evening.

Awais Naseer (left), Muhammad Farhan (middle) and Uzair Sajid (right).

Uzair arrived at my place 2 hours late! (Why? Because they were trying finish up all the pizzas at LUMS). We set out in search of a nice coffee shop, but since none of us knew of such place in Allama Iqbal Town (my area), we had to go to McDonald’s and treat ourselves there.

I had an awesome time talking with Muhammad Farhan, Uzair Sajid and Awais Naseer. Ofcourse, I was meeting them all for the first time. After an hour of eating and talking, I could finally tell how each of them were. Farhan, is the quiet one. Awais was a funny guy and Uzair, was the most talkative one (I hope he doesn’t kill me!!!) 😀

There is nothing much to write about, as we only discussed our online presences and various controversies that took place recently – and oh yeah, a little backbiting too =)

Since I have met them once, I’m looking forward to meet them again 🙂 Expect more meetup pics of me, Uzair and Farhan as we don’t live very far away.

I never miss a chance to take photos, so have a look at the meetup pics below. Or my Facebook friends can see the full un-filtered album here.

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  1. Lol minus a couple of things (including what I did with my phone) it was pretty awesome 😀

    Be ready to do this again real soon 😛

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