Living The Old Memories

Boy, I was never this forgetful, but seriously! I have even started forgetting how I was in the past – like 10-12 years ago. Not the looks, but things I used to do, my interests, hobbies… And even friends, huh!

So here it goes, I got a message from someone on Facebook asking if I was the same Haris who studied with her in EMS (my school in Dubai). I’m not the kind of person who replies to every private message I get, and mind you, I get tons of them daily!

I replied yes, and boy I was amazed that someone from EMS still remembers me 😀 That doesn’t mean I’m not in contact with any old friends. I am. And that also with many. It’s just that I didn’t expect more 😛

The conversation started and Rabea told what things I used to do in Grade 1-2. I was a die-hard fan of Shahrukh Khan (*sigh* no laughing, please!). Everyone in my class used to call me a ‘hedgehog’ 😀 I don’t remember the reason behind that, but most probably it would be because of my spiky hair (will show a photo sometime). And then there was this girl Maha, whom I always used to sit with.

There is nothing better than living back in old memories, and that also when it was the best time of your life with no worries at all! And guess what? I’m still asking her to tell more about me if she remembers haha! I seriously need to get rid of clear my top floor and get rid of all the extra junk I store in it 😛

If I ever get a chance to time travel and go in the past, where do you think I’ll go? Any guesses? 😛

For all the wandering minds thinking how I looked when I was VERY young… A photo has been attached below 😉


Do I look cute by any standards, eh? 😛

  1. beta ur still young! with no apparent worries,still look like a hedgehog (a grown one) and obviously are still outdates wnought to love shahrukh khan 🙂 so i see u havent changed much. Just needed a reality check from tweeapi 🙂

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