Hell Boring Sunday =\


Another day ends… And what a… BORING day it was! I mean, seriously! Sundays have always been boring for me, but today was something special. It turned out to be super boring, with nothing whatsoever to do!

Day started off late with lots of clouds outside and a dust-storm. Till lunch I only listened to music and tweeted. Then gain after lunch I tweeted, tweeted and only tweeted till evening! I was actually chatting with a couple of friends on Twitter – Yes, I know Twitter isn’t an IM, but I can’t help it =P

In the evening I had shawarma plans with my friend Ali, but later that plan dropped and we went t McDonald’s for the evening snack (no, I won’t post the pic :P) Other than the super gloomy day, there were several things that cheered me up! πŸ˜€

One is the chat on Twitter/MSN with Hafsa and Sheena… And the other is the beginning of photo war between me and RG (Rabia Garib)! πŸ˜€ Yes, she is EVIL! I finally say that =P The photos that were taken at the WebStudio while I was in Karachi, showed up today online – and my god, they were all EDITED to something I never expected πŸ˜› Baah, you can see ALL OF THEM here.


I always wondered where those photos and went finally today, RG put them up on the CIO Pakistan Photo Gallery. All the photos you see here were taken at the CIO WebStudio in Karachi.

Umair Jadoon (left), ME (center) and Imran Hussain (right) trying to *cough* choke *cough* me!

Evening again went by tweeting all the time, and then I watched half of this recent Bollywood movie,Β  WANTED. God, that was such a cheapo movie! Literally sucked like anything =\ Now it’s time for bed again… Okay, you know it.. It’s actually time for HIMYM…

Allow me to leave folks! See you all tomorrow!

Good night! πŸ™‚

  1. do I see a “transparent liquid” in that glass? (in the 1st picture) how did you part with your “beloved” pepsi? or was the picture taken after pepsi was taken care of? πŸ˜›

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