Cinnabon Pakistan Loves Me!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, here is a little story of me and Cinnabon Pakistan’s Foursquare discount. Before I start, let me just remind everyone of the Foursquare Day 2011 meetup being held in Lahore for the first time. Join the Foursquare Community in Lahore Facebook page if you are one of the Foursquare enthusiasts.


Coming back to the topic, Foursquare recently opened up their Specials option for Pakistan – at which Cafe Istanbul was the first ones to offer a discount on check-in. Then came the TSY Travel Agency special which is giving 2% discount to the mayor. In my opinion, those specials are kinda useless.

Cinnabon Pakistan is offering 25% discount on your total purchase everytime two friends (on Foursquare) check-in together at Cinnabon (Gulberg). This special is available daily and on every visit with two Foursquare friends.

I, along with Uzair, Saad and Alam went to try out this Foursquare special a few days back. I’m a regular (infact, too regular) at Gloria Jean’s Coffees, which is just opposite to Cinnabon, but that day we decided to check out Cinnabon. After out purchase, when we showed the Foursquare special screen to the cashier, they were clueless of any such discount.


After a little talk with them, the Cinnabon staff asked me to email the Foursquare special discount screenshot to the manager. I did. And also paid the full bill without the 25% discount. Since it was a Saturday, I was expecting a reply by Monday or Tuesday, but to my surprise, I got a reply from the cafe manager within 30 minutes of us leaving Cinnabon. An apology for the confusion and inconvenience, and requested to pick up our discounted amount or they would deliver it to my place. How awesome, isn’t it?

I have been there several times since then, and never had a problem checking-in and receiving my discount now. I look forward to more Foursquare offers and promotions from Cinnabon in Lahore – and also hope other cafes/restaurants would follow their lead on Foursquare!